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Neuroscience Secrets to End Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed by work or life? Learn neuroscience secrets to make your brain work for you instead of against you, and be productive, optimistic, and full of energy.

Tame Your Tigers

Learn productivity hacks that will help you achieve your goals faster, easier, and with more fun. Don’t cry like a kitten when you can ROAR.

Attitude Beats Cancer

When a cancer diagnosis turns your life upside down, learn how to gain control of your situation with this A – B – C strategy and take charge of your treatment.

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About Jennifer

I spent 22 years at IBM, in 11 different departments, in 4 different divisions. Product development. Marketing. Software support. Back-office business functions. I worked with focused teams of a handful of people, and oversaw international projects using global resources. Every success led to another opportunity in a different part of the company. And I noticed the same problems occurring in every department.

These problems were not specific to the departments’ functions, they weren’t even unique to IBM. They are intrinsic, endemic results of our being human. We are not well adapted to a modern work environment, with hundreds of competing demands for our attention and efforts. We are easily overwhelmed, leading to absenteeism, missed deadlines, employee turnover, and employee conflict. You may see this in your business as employees quitting, projects failing, cost overruns, and increased insurance premiums. You may even be losing customers, losing market share, or forced to defend against lawsuits.

Overwhelm Is Everywhere

The bulk of problems that organizations experience is from overwhelm. Everyone experiences it, and it impacts every part of the organization. I help eliminate overwhelm so people can be dramatically more productive.

Productivity is not about tips and tricks. If a person is overwhelmed, all the tips and tricks in the world won’t help them. Overwhelm is like a clog in a drain. Until you eliminate that problem, you can’t do anything, and nothing will flow. You need to eliminate the overwhelm for a person to be productive. If you have a clogged drain, the water drains slowly, eventually backing up and creating an even bigger, more expensive problem. Fixing the water — making it hotter, adding more soap, or changing its pH — will not fix the problem of the clogged drain. If your employees are overwhelmed, you cannot “fix” them. You need to eliminate the overwhelm.

Once the overwhelm is removed, employees will complain less, come to their managers with ideas instead of complaints, take fewer and shorter breaks, and leave earlier having accomplished more. You bottom line will reflect projects coming in on time and under budget, reduced legal exposure, increased customer satisfaction, higher sales, and higher profits.

My wide-ranging experience across the spectrum of corporate functions enables me to identify and understand every organization’s and every department’s issues, and to empathize with the people experiencing those problems. It also enables me to quickly customize my message for any audience.

ROAR Step 1: Is Order Important?

ROAR Step 1: Is Order Important?

Is the order of the phases in ROAR Step 1 important? Do you have to completely finish Feeling Your Feelings before you can Find the Good or Choose a Direction? The short answer is “No.” Here are some guidelines for moving between the phases effectively, and not getting bogged down in the process.

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How to Meditate the Easy Way

How to Meditate the Easy Way

Hundreds of studies have shown that meditation decreases pain, improves your immune functions, and lowers inflammation throughout the body. Unfortunately, the average person thinks they don’t have the self-discipline required. The truth is, anyone can do it. You just have to know how to meditate the easy way.

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Living Forward versus ROAR

Living Forward versus ROAR

How does Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want, by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy, compare to ROAR: Overcome Obstacles in 3 Simple Steps? To get the life you want, you need to have goals, take action, and regularly adjust your plan of action. Here’s how they differ.

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What People Are Saying

I loved the clarity and the heartfelt personal anecdotes. Jennifer’s mastery of storytelling shines through.

Kevin Weller

Owner, MetalWeb Designs, LLC

A fantastic down to earth and applicant method of overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you.

Andreas Michaelides

Owner, Thirsty4Health

Simple analogies are used to help us understand how the brain processes its way through daily challenges. This understanding, coupled with a realistic, common sense, outcome-oriented approach, provides a can’t miss methodology in dealing with and remedying our own individual challenges.

Andy Mahoney

As a person who struggles with anxiety, self-imposed obstacles are always a challenge to overcome. Probably our inner voices are our most difficult opponents. Ms. Dunne has taken a very challenging task and broken it down into 3 simple steps, her ROAR, that anyone can use to help navigate their personal obstacles in moving through difficult times, everyday challenges, or just the mental chatter that roadblocks our moving forward to resolution.

Virginia Ritterbusch

Bestselling author of Reframe Your Viewpoints

Jennifer is a captivating speaker. Her body language, use of gestures, and picturesque turns of phrase, have all combined to make her an award-winning public speaker.

Jonathan Kolber

Author,, A Celebration Society

Fabulous! Masterful storyteller with an engaging style. Heartfelt story of healing journey. I loved Jennifer’s positive strategies to beat adversity and banish What Ifs. Her brilliant and practical message offers hope to all.

Carol Wolff

VP of Marketing, PosiDyne Group

[Jennifer] provided excellent information in a very easy to understand style. [She] is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. She has taken what could normally be considered a technical and possibly problematic set of circumstances and simplified the process to three very easy and sensible steps. Bravo.

Ray Pezolt

Director, Consulting & Investigations, Advantage Security, Inc

[Jennifer offers] a foolproof, step-by-step system that will prove invaluable when life throws you a curve ball and crisis hits! … As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I can, hand on heart, highly recommend [her method] to anyone looking for a sensible, common-sense and highly effective method of handling life’s many ups and downs.

Maria McMahon

BSc, Dip. H.E. NLP/Hypnotherapy, Your Time to Shine

On a small stage or a large stage, Jennifer has the ability to connect people with her stories.

Jennifer’s understanding of how to build a story and deliver it in a very real and conversational style will leave you mesmerized and wanting more.

Colette Smith

Distinguished Toastmaster, Toastmasters International

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